100% Pure Clean

Shower time is all about getting clean – washing away the dirt and impurities of the day. Frankly, I’ll use just about anything that smells good in the shower but I came across a line of bath lotions, washes, scrubs and more that not only smell great but are 100% pure: no artificial colors, no synthetic fragrances or chemicals, no animal by-products or harsh detergents. In addition, they aren’t full of fillers, thickeners, or water. Aptly enough, the product line is called 100 Percent Pure.

100 Percent Pure Body Scrub With original scents ranging from Chocolate Mocha, Blood Orange, Vanilla Bean, Lavender, Coconut, Pineapple…I could go on and because there are 18 different ones…I had a hard time choosing one to try. I’m always on the lookout for a great Honey Almond scent, and when I saw theirs I was sold. I tried out the Organic Body Scrub and was delighted to find that I could actually pronounce every single ingredient, which includes: organic apricot oil and rosehip (to moisturize), vitamins C and E, organic lavender honey, extracts of grapefruit seed, almond, cranberry and pomegranate (which are anti-oxidants).

The body scrub works really well. The scrubbing particles had settled at the bottom of the jar, so I used my finger to mix it up with the essential oils. The scrub itself was nice, not abrasive and painful to my sensitive skin, but it definitely did the job. The oils coated my skin, so I was sure to rinse off really well, but didn’t leave it filmy. After toweling off, my skin felt hydrated enough to forgo body lotion, which was a nice surprise. I use the 100 Percent Pure body wash weekly and am already planning which scent I’ll try next.